Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Year 2

This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for (in addition to the obligatoire friends and family): My Guinean host family who looks after me and enriches my Peace Corps experience in so many ways, my fellow PCVs who have become great friends, my students who are motivated and excited to learn, the kindness of strangers, Guinean hospitality, an abundant rainy season, not having scabies (like last year), and my petits who help me get water from the well, wash my clothes, kill giant spiders and do other assorted chores that make my life a million times easier.
PCVs from our region celebrated Thanksgiving in Conakry, continuing the traditions we started last year, like Stacey making a million pies. I’m thankful that we had: stoves, ovens, running water, electricity, butter, milk, apples etc…
Mary showing off the Turkey
The work of Stacey. Plus the 6 other pies...
Brittany was pretty excited about her grandmother's homemade cranberry sauce
Richard enjoying a heaping plate of Thanksgiving

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