Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dry Season: Round 2

First off, sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. The internet has been too slow to load blog posts recently.

We’re full swing into the dry season now, which means that it is very dusty and things are starting to accumulate a layer of brown dust, including my body. The wells are also getting low, especially our own. The other day when I pulled up the bucket from the well a frog jumped out. That’s when you know your well is too low. Now I have to get my water at the pump. The pump is great because the water is super clean – it comes from a solar powered water tower at the edge of the village that draws water from very deep underground. It doesn’t work much during the rainy season because there isn’t enough sun, but it doesn’t matter since there’s an abundance of pretty clean water during the rainy season. However, it has been cloudy recently and thus the power has been weak at the pump and the water just dribbles out. When I am able to fill my buckets at the pump I prioritize that water for my filter, and end up taking showers and washing my clothes with the brown, froggy well water. Other than the water issues, dry season isn’t so bad. My laundry dries in the sun in about an hour! Oranges and bananas are aplenty, and soon we’ll have mangoes again. Though, for some reason or another there has been abundance of insects in my house, including a tarantula-like spider that I found yesterday. I say tarantula-like because, though it very much resembled a tarantula (giant, hairy, fangs…), it moved much faster than a tarantula (!!). The mice are back too, trying to eat the delicious goodies from my care packages, and a pack of bush rats has started nesting outside of my bedroom window. Ahhh, the life!

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